Customization and Personalization

Customization and Personalization

What do I mean by Customization or Personalization?

 You might be wondering what your options are when you see this offered on some products. So what does this mean exactly? One of the greatest perks to my designs, is that they are easily editable in almost countless ways.

As we all know Art if in the eye of the beholder. Very much like music, it speaks to us and tells us a story. Maybe it makes us feel a certain way, has a special function, or holds a memory.

Here are some common examples :

  • Don't like the phrase, but like the design? I can alter the phrase for you.
  • The phrase is fine, but maybe not the location? It can be changed.
  • Different art for the front and back? Yes, just need to create the combination for you. Granted this can't always be possible for every product.
  • Color changes? Yes, the colors can be edited. Choose from my pallete, or we can work on a few alternatives. I can't offer color matching in this case, but we can go in realms of lighter, darker, pastel, etc. Neons are a tough one for textiles, so that is most likely out but we can try to get close enough.
  • Adding some text? Yes we can add a personal name, text, phrase, advertisement, etc. There may be some limitation on word count and size, but it all depends on what you want and the product.
  • Cool idea, but don't see the design? We should chat! It's quite possible I can make it a reality, or at least get close. It doesn't hurt to ask, even if I am unable to.

This list could go on! I think you get the idea though, right? So many possibilities, fun, and creativity can be had.

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