How To Make A Sigil

How To Make A Sigil

What is a Sigil?

A personalized symbol that is usually created from an affirmation statement or other specific intention. It is generally created for oneself or another person, with clear magickal intent and purpose. Meaning they are magickally charged to have a specific personalized significance to them, in order to bring or help with something into your life. 

How do you make one?

 Come up with a clear purpose and intent that this sigil needs to represent, in the form of a sentence and not a question. Think of it as an affirmation that needs to be put into motion, but written as if it already were in motion. Let's use the simple example below for a demonstration.

"My path is filled with positive influences in my social circle."

For me personally, I meditate on what I want specifically to be brought into my life before hand. Then while writing it down, I am still actively meditating and putting my energy and intent into the written words. Treating it as an active spell working from the start all the way until the end.

It is important to note that I had never thought of doing this digitally until making this blog post, but it doesn't hurt to do. There is power in writing, but again this is about what feels right for you. As long as it feels strong, powerful, and connected do it. The more you are in-tune with it the better.

 Once you are satisfied with your statement, move forward to the simplification of it. You do this by removing all of the vowels, and repeated letters. You can simply rewrite only the letters you need, or you can cross them out. As long as it feels right for you, it doesn't matter which method you use. 

"M pth s fld w v nc r."

Now wait a second, where did the y go? You remember the old school saying for vowels right? A E I O U and sometimes Y. If you had my experience in school, teachers never actually explained the rules behind why and when. So here is a very simple breakdown of when y isn't a "vowel", so you know when to remove it or not.

  • Y is at the start of a word
  • Y is the start of a syllable

Don't feel too stressed about it if you leave a y in there that maybe doesn't technically belong. Again, the intent and connection to your own magick is the most crucial part. If you are like me and a research-aholic, feel free to read more about the y in the 2 sites below.

That's enough of an english lesson for now. Back to sigils we go!

 Create an artistic combination of the letters, that turns them into a visually unique symbol. Be as creative as you want with this step, and feel free to add other elements to it if you like. By the time you are done, it doesn't even have to look like letters anymore at all. Don't be limited by substrate either, as you can put this onto anything you want. Keep in mind how you plan to do step 5 when you decide on your substrate.

It is good to note that even though we have the separate letters from our simplification in step 2, it doesn't mean we have to maintain their individualism in this process. Your intent while making this will define every aspect of your new symbol, so it is ok to merge letters or parts of them if you feel so inclined.

 After you have completed your symbol, you need to charge it with your intent and energy. If like me, you have been doing this the entire time, think of this as the nothing but charging part of the process. The goal here is to add as much power to it as possible. Take as much time as needed here, as there isn't a time frame on how long you charge it. 

You can also do a few extra steps if you want here, and get creative with how you charge it. Light some candles, rub some oils onto it, add some musical vibrations, etc. Aside from charging it, get as elaborate or simple as you wish. Add your personal flare!

 Now it is time to let it go, put it out of your mind and into your subconscious, and allow the external forces that you believe in to take over. This can be a hard process for some, especially if we are very attached or even worried a little about what it is we are trying to manifest. Whatever the outcome, it is now out of your hands and into the divine. To the best of your ability make peace with the forces you believe in, that it will turn out just as needed and intended. Say a little script, close it out like a spell, simply envision it, or whatever you feel called to do here as long as you are able to shift attachment.

On an ending note here, how did you create your sigil on step 3? If you created it on a burnable substance, one way of releasing this could be to burn it if you desire. You wouldn't do this with a more permanent option, but you could light a candle specifically for release. You could place it in a spot that is out of sight out of mind, bury it, leave in a secret sacred space, etc. Get as magickal with it as you want.

May the best and most positive outcome come your way.

So mote it be!

-To Destroy or Not Destroy? Let's discuss this in the next blog post. Coming soon.-

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