Musing Crystal

Hello fellow beautiful souls! My name is Crystal O'Kelley, and it is a pleasure to meet you. So who am I exactly, and what do I stand for? Feel free to read on if you are interested to hear a little about me, and how I got started.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to art in its various forms, helping others, and the mystical. I didn't have the luxury of being raised in an open minded house-hold, so I had to find myself in private and on into my adult years. Sadly this seems to be a tale too many can relate to. I was stubborn and set in finding my own path regardless, so here we are.

I have had a dream to start a business where I can share my eclectic and diverse nature with those near or far for so many years. I wanted to offer custom art designs that spoke to individuals, useful herbs, classes, spiritual and emotional support, healing, dancing sessions, and any other helpful skillset I can get my hands on for others.

In mid 2023 my family and I decided it was time to dive in, instead of waiting for me to have all of the tools ready to dive in first. If you are an over thinker and preparer like myself, you fully understand that this can take so much more time that we intend. In the end I am here to offer what I can for now, and as time goes on offer more and more to help everyone to the best of my ability with love and an open heart.