Spiritual Disconnection

Spiritual Disconnection

Experiencing Spiritual Disconnection?

At one point and time, I am sure we can all say that we have felt a little lack in our practice. Sometimes the reason is easy to spot, and a quick fix. While at other times it can seem to be a conundrum of sorts. So how can we go about trying to find a resolution, and feel good about what we are doing? I personally employ a system of self reflection, as often times our personal lives tend to bleed over into our spiritual practice. That way the root cause can be resolved, instead of continually bandaiding the issue.

The Global Picture

Take a step back from your spiritual practice, and thing about everything going on in your life. The global picture as a whole of your surroundings. Don't leave out the small details either, as these can stack up together to create a bigger problem. Think about some of these key questions below, and see what you come up with. Look at all the possible variations here, of what could be depleting you and make some changes that are safe and healthy and can lead to a happier future from here. That way you can get back to being connected in your practice.  If any of these are a problem, what can you do to help eliminate or alter them?
 Are you stressed? Stress can be healthy, but in excess and unmanageable portions it will take its toll on us in varying problematic ways. Unhealthy amounts of stress is not just a spiritual problem, but a health risk as well. Sometimes we undermine our stress levels for various reasons, but a common one is that we are just accustomed to it. Find some ways to reduce your stress levels, and make some changes as necessary.
 Are you safe? This can mean so many things depending on your situation, anywhere from minor to severe. You could be in an unsupportive environment for your practice. There could be varying types of abuse and trauma present. You could be in the broom closet as it were, and not free to open up. Fear is the key word here, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your situation will depend on how this could to be handled. Think of some ways you can find or create safe space.
 Are you in fight or flight? This may seem similar to the above, but this one I focus towards your everyday life decisions. For example, are you constantly having to make important life altering choices, or consider which risk to take or not to take? This could put you into a habitual state of mind where you don't relax, focus, and meditate. It's ok to find space if you can to have a calmer situation, or make it if you need to.
 Are you so busy, that you have absolutely zero capacity at the end of the day? Other than to do what you need to do to get ready for the next day? Sometimes we are overworked, overstimulated, and over our limit too often. This is exhausting as a whole, and can make it hard to have anything left to give towards your practice. By the time you have free time, it may be used in just recovering what little bit you can before you start all over again. Take the time you need to do self care, but also try to lighten your load or reorganize your schedule a bit.
 Are you in a situation where you are feeling completely disconnected from your community, from friends? If this is you, think about what it is you are lacking and what you wish to connect with. You may need multiple outlets depending on your goals. With today's technology we have so many options to bridge the gaps in our social life.

 Are you so socially connected that you have no time for yourself? For one reason or another you may find yourself here, and not allowing yourself you time. It is perfectly acceptable to let people know that you need you time, in whatever form that may be. There is nothing wrong with unplugging yourself, and giving yourself the time you need for you.

  What is your environment like? Think about the people surrounding you in your life, and how they effect you. Friends, family, co-workers, fellow piers, and your community should all be evaluated. Who you let around you will directly impact you as a whole, how you feel, and your energy. Also explore your personal home environment, and how it feels to you. Is it cluttered, chaotic, stagnant, or a mess? For most a clean space feels so much better than a mess. Cleaning, organizing, and removing stagnant energy is also such a great boost and change.

Maybe none of the above is a problem, and your life is absolutely wonderful. This is great to hear, and I'm happy for you! So let's explore some other possible causes.

Auto-Piloting In Your Practice

Something else to think about, is are you on autopilot? Did you get to a situation and a point in your practice, where you just do it? And you don't even think about it, and now there's no presence? Similar to driving around in a daze, and not even thinking about where you are going. Since you are already so familiar with the path, you don't have to.

So take a step back, and think about changes you can make there. Sometimes it's just a matter of realizing you're on autopilot, and consciously being more present. Now maybe you love your routine, and you don't want to change it up. That's fine, but maybe think about some additional things that you can do. Minor changes to where it's still the same, but can add presence back to it so you have that connection.

No Longer Serving You

Or maybe it's not serving you anymore. Which is why there's no connection, and that's okay. It's perfectly fine to take a pause. And whatever it is that you're doing in this practice, and say "Hey, I need something new to fulfill me now. This has run its course, at least for now". Put it in your back pocket to pull from later, and add something else. 

It's also perfectly fine to be eclectic in your practice, and pull from where ever you need to. Maybe it's learning something new in the same or similar sect, or from something entirely new. Whatever it is you need in this moment to serve you.

I Hope that this has helped in some way, and that you can get back to being connected in your practice.

Blessed Be!


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