Custom Designs

Custom Designs

What do I mean by Custom Designs?

You might be wondering what your options are when you see this offered on some products. So what does this mean exactly? One of the greatest perks to the type of products offered, is that the art printed on them is easily editable in almost countless ways. 

As we all know art if in the eye of the beholder. Very much like music, it speaks to us and tells us a story. Maybe it makes us feel a certain way, has a special function, or holds a memory. So why not have that as an option for your home decor and other personal accessories too? 

Here are some common examples of custom design :


Text and Designs

Whether a design has text or not isn't the question. It is more a question of if you want the design to have text or not, and what you want it to say. Text is easily added, removed, and edited. The only limit here is maybe size, and how much text is able to be used.

Front and Back

If the product has two printable sides to it, you can have different designs on each side. Making it a great reversible option, to flip back and forth as desired.

Color Options

Colors can be edited to your liking with current designs, as well your own custom ones. There is no limit to the number of colors used, other than the elements of the design itself.

Existing Design Edits

Aside from text edits this would include minor changes such as color, and some element changes or removals. You could also combine elements from different designs, or maybe transpose an image into it.

Personal Images

Your own images can be used for print, and this is a great way to make a special gift or piece for yourself. Designs and text can be added to them as well.

New Design

Don't see the design you want or have an image, but know what you want? No problem at all, you simply tell me what you want and we go from there.


This list could go on! I think you get the idea though, right? So many possibilities, fun, and creativity can be had.

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