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Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile Flowers are harvested from the herb Chamomile, and originate from the Mediterranean. This is no stranger though in other parts of the world and gardens. Chamomile is also known as Scented Mayweed, Manzanilla, Ground Apple, or German Chamomile.

A few magical uses : calming, break curses, money, and sleep. It is said that you can use it as a wash to release negative feelings and pain.

Botanical Name : Matricaria Recutita
Element : Water
Gender : Masculine
Planet : Sun

A few other uses : gastrointestinal, inflammation, migraine relief, and sleep

Features :
• Dried Herb
• Whole

Disclaimer :

* Information here is not meant as medical advice, diagnosis, or suggested usage. Always seek a health care professionals advice before any usage such as consuming, inhaling, applying topically, or using any supplemental additions to your diet.

* It is extremely important to seek a health professionals advice if you have medical conditions, medications, are pregnant or nursing, or this is for a child.

* For information purposes only. Though herbs are natural and beautiful, it doesn't mean that they are not dangerous or even deadly. Always research an herb or plant thoroughly before any type of use, and always practice proper safety.


• Sold by the ounce


Chamomile Flowers
• Botanical Name : Matricaria Recutita

Care Instructions

• Store in a dry area
• Keep away from sun
• Extend freshness with air tight container


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